About PCHC

Board of Directors

While the Paterson Community Health Center, Inc., is a privately owned, 501(03, non-profit organization, it receives significant funding from the Federal Government and thus is designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). As an FQHC organization the health center is requested to ensure that the majority of the health center’s Board of Directors are health center patients. The health center’s Board is (representive) of the health center patients and the Paterson, NJ community. By race and ethnicity, the board members are African-American, White, Latino and Middle Eastern. The board members bring to the health center a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of law, public safety, business, finance, health care and social services.

Cynthia Freeman


Mary Garner

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Barbieri

Vice President

Carmen Rodriguez

COO/Site Manager

PCHC Officers

Cynthia Freeman — President

Joseph Barbieri — Vice President

Mary Wheeler — Secretary

Rev. Thomas C. Harris — Treasurer

Christine Williams — Assistant Treasurer

Jose Villalongo Sr.

Helen Kennedy

Mary Monroe

Anthony Powell Esq.

Sharon Easton

Jose Moore

Wafaa Saad