About PCHC

Women’s Health Services

Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) @ Clinton St.

Nicholas Marino M.D.

For many years, it has been my privilege to take care of so many of our pregnant women. The sight of bringing life into the world and seeing so many happy faces is very rewarding.

Voile Carlyle-Cohen

Behavioral Health — Social Services

As a social worker, I do take my profession very seriously, and working with pregnant mothers is one of the special benefits. It is not only a wonderful opportunity but a life changing one. I get the chance to educate, advocate, facilitate and refer patients to all kinds of resources in their community.

Fior’daliza Sanchez, RN

Clinton St, Nursing Supervisor

Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services @ Clinton St.

Pediatric Services @ Broadway

Peter Brault M.D.

To provide quality, evidence-based medical care to every child I interact with in a manner of genuine concern for the total well being of the patient. I treat every child as if he/she was my own child. I also stress the importance of the parent as a crucial participant in the management of the health of the child.

Ferhana Khan M.D.

I am a proud member of the Paterson Community Health Center, providing pediatric care to our children with respect and care. Their families treat me like part of their extended families. My biggest satisfaction and joy is to now see my former patients bringing their children into me for care.

Olutope Ayodeji-Daniels M.D.

As a Board Certified Pediatrician, it is my mission to provide quality care to children from newborns to young adults through ages 18 years old. In addition to my knowledge and skills, I also rely on a partnership with the family to help raise happy and healthy children. I consider it a privilege to be part of the PCHC team and enjoy watching the children and families grow.

Gaspar Ginart M.D.

As a member of the Paterson Community Health Center team for over 20 years, I am proud to continue providing medical care to Paterson’s children. It is especially gratifying to see former patients, now parents, bring their children back to us.

Janette Wahba M.D.

As a pediatrician, providing health care to our community’s children for many years, I have the honor of working with some of the finest, most compassionate doctors and nursing staff. IT is because of their dedication that we have been able to provide the highest standard of patient care. As importantly, are the caring families who support their children’s health and well-being?

April Evans, CMA

Adult Medical Services

Adult Medical Services @ Clinton St.

Adult Medical Services @ Broadway

Edward Maron M.D.

I have found it very rewarding to help deliver healthcare to the people of this community and also to help bridge the gap to the Spanish speaking population.

Karen Yung M.D.

As a physician, I am grateful to utilize my knowledge, skills and experiences to help my patients. Many patients come the Paterson Community Health Center with various challenges that reach far beyond their physical limitations but I always listen and treat them with respect and dignity. I am blessed to be able to serve this community for the last 20-f- years and look forward to many more.

Waldermar Silva M.D.

I have had the pleasure to work at the Paterson Community Health Center for many years. My goal has been to work with our community to help each person get and remain healthy. Working with our health care team, my goal is to provide primary healthcare to our patients in a collaborative and compassionate manner.

Raafat Gorgy DO

I am a Board Certified Family Medicine physician. My mission is treating the individual as a whole with concerns about health maintenance, improving the quality of life and avoiding a hospital admission. I enjoy working with the diversity of patient and serving the community.

Ali Cheema M.D.

As a physician I had a dream to take care of underserved population. And that dream came true while working here at the Paterson Community Health Center. We work as a team at the Paterson Community Health Center to make sure our patients get the highest quality of care.

Paula Hernandez, CMA

Patricia Francis, RN

Sonia Taylor, MA

Podiatry Services @ Clinton St.

David Shansky DPM

I have been practicing podiatry for many years treating both children and adults. Here at the Paterson Community Health Center my patients will receive the highest level of attention and care.